WEST CALDWELL, NJ — AT&T recently used the streets of West Caldwell to film an informational video for its “It Can Wait” distracted-driving campaign.

This week, Mayor Joseph Tempesta, Jr. and Council President Joseph Cecere, who is also the chairman of the West Caldwell public safety committee, supported what Cecere described as a disturbing but impactful video and the message that it conveys: that “you’re never alone on the road” and that “distracted driving is never OK.”

The campaign, which is on a mission to reach 16-million pledges in 2016, asks the nation to take a pledge promising to: care for those around them and put the phone down while driving; to share the message that “distracted driving is never okay; and to be aware that a driver is never alone on the road.

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“We may be heading to different destinations, but we are all on this road together,” the campaign states. “Take the pledge to never drive distracted and join the movement to help save lives.”

According to AT&T’s “It Can Wait,” 95 percent of drivers disapprove of distracted driving, yet it causes more than 431,000 per year. More than 10-million pledges have already been made to grow awareness about the problems of distracted driving. 

After learning about this campaign and the video that was filmed in town, Tempesta and Cecere declared that they both fully support the initiative and encouraged residents to take action.

“It is so dangerous and so distracting to text and drive that you’re literally risking not only your own life but the lives of others by even attempting to text to drive,” said Tempesta. “It is absolutely important to educate the public. Even if it’s hands free, it’s not a good idea.”

Cecere was proud to say that his new Samsung phone is made to automatically ignore messages while he is operating a vehicle. At a township council meeting on Tuesday, the public safety chairman spoke about the video and why it’s so important that residents of West Caldwell take the message into consideration as the 2016-17 school year begins.

“We live in a community where there’s not a lot of busing,” said Cecere, who was echoed by the council about the necessity of this message. “Most kids get dropped off and with the nice weather they walk to and from school. Put the cell phones down, stop calling, stop texting—pull over, make a phone call. It’s important for the safety of all residents, not just for children.”

To take the pledge, click HERE.