Students at Riker Hill found inspiration during lunch when fourth graders read poetry on the basic human rights that rule the school, a kick-off the Week of Respect taking place at every Livingston Public School.

Guidance counselors are leading the discussions on topics that matter most, including bullying, and later this month on drugs or other kinds of abuse. In the schools, educators are always looking for those teachable moments that bring a fresh perspective and voice to the lessons at hand. (Learn more @ Why the Red Ribbons).

That teachable moment at Riker Hill was a moment shared by teachers on Friday, October 4 when fourth-grade teacher Barbara Geiger and school counselor Barbara Wofsy began creating a bulletin board from scraps of paper with words and pictures by every Riker Hill student about the things they want the school to be. More teachers joined in with ideas for gold trim and large letters spelling out diversity, the words and pictures coming together as seamlessly as a Faith Ringgold piece of art.

“The creation of this was as beautiful as the finished product because it was done in the spirit of cooperation,” Geiger said.