We would like to take a moment to ask all New Jerseyans to consider taking a few minutes in the coming weeks to stop by one of the public hearings being held by the New Jersey Apportionment Commission, which has begun working on a new legislative map for New Jersey.
This is a once-a-decade process that is of vital importance to the future of our state.
Whether you are concerned with gun laws, improving our education system, helping lower and middle income families get by, or if you prefer policies that benefit the wealthy, make no mistake - this exercise will determine the direction those and any number of other policies go in New Jersey in the next 10 years.
Which means, of course, that that outcome of this process must be a legislative map that is fair to every New Jerseyan and enables a Legislature that actually looks like our state, rather than packing minorities into as few districts as possible, as some would prefer.
This map must be constitutional. It must be forward-looking. And it must give you a Legislature attuned to your lives and needs.
That’s why your input is needed.
The next hearing is set for Wednesday, Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. in the 14th Floor Conference Center at the Leroy Smith Public Safety Building at 60 W. Market St. in Newark. Parking is available at the location.
We urge you to attend.
Other hearings will soon be scheduled, and the public may address comments and questions by calling (609) 292-9106.
We look forward to your input and seeing you at one of the upcoming hearings.