LIVINGSTON, NJ - Jan Press is declaring August as Family Portrait Month.

What better way to celebrate summer is there than to create a professional family portrait, now that the family is all back together?

A Jan Press Crafted Family Portrait quickly becomes a treatured family heirloom. Imagine being able to capture and freeze time! Imagine creating your very own iconic family portrait to be enjoyed for generations to come!

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Imagine creating your iconic family portrait at your favorite location for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (only the regular creation fee will apply). Imagine your family at the beach, by the pool, in your yard, by your classic car, in front of your home, by your get the idea. We'll have fun creating your family portrait!

Call now and schedule your Iconic Family Portrait Session and take advantage of this fabulous opportunity. No additional charge for your favorite location. Schedule now, this is a limited opportunity.

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Let's create your own iconic family portrait. Don't wait!


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