LIVINGSTON, NJ - The Board of Education prides itself in ensuring that all of our students receive the best education possible, and we have done so at a per pupil cost below the state average. Along with our other Board members, Leslie Winograd and I rely on the expertise of our Superintendent and Business Administrator to create a budget that reflects our educational priorities set forth in our Strategic Plan.  

Moreover, during the budget process, the Board and Administration proactively seek opportunities for community input. In addition to encouraging community members to attend Board meetings and reach out to us via email, the Board and Administration conduct numerous town hall meetings and meetings with community organizations.

As a District, we continue to seek efficiency in the use of all resources. We have sought and received revenues through instructional, technology, and construction grants, to, among other things, create a world language lab, obtain driver education simulators, and receive forty cents on the dollar to make our elementary schools more energy efficient. Through the Livingston Education Foundation, PTAs and HSAs, we have been able to supplement our technology budget. 

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We also partner with outside organizations, such as St. Barnabas Medical Center, to provide greater services to our students while providing them with additional educational experiences. Finally, over the past two years, LPS has created over five new in-house special education programs for the purpose of providing our students with the best educational opportunities while educating them among their peers. By creating exemplary special education programs, other districts will seek to enroll their students, thereby creating additional revenue for our District.

I look forward to our continued work together to continue to provide the best education possible to our students in a fiscally responsible manner.  Please contact me with any ideas or questions at or visit Leslie and me at our Facebook page at Spring and Winograd for Livingston Board of Education.