LIVINGSTON, NJ - Carla Komar, a first-time author of “Everybody Loves Hazel,” will be part of a local author panel from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., on May 16, at Barnes & Noble, which is located at 112 Eisenhower Pkwy., in the Livingston Mall. The event will include a book reading, meet and greet, complimentary Hazel bookmarks and according to the author, “a lot of Hazel-inspired love.”

“Everybody Loves Hazel,” a book for girls ages four to 10, is about a lovable chick named Hazel who spreads love during and a trip to town to pick up her pink birthday cake. On her travels, she meets some new friends, by lending them a hand, and invites them to her birthday party. Hazel helps them all, without hesitation, and when it seems that a storm will ruin the party, it is up to Hazel’s new friends to show her some love and help celebrate her birthday.

Komar said her mission is to emphasize how Hazel’s journey teaches positive values about helping others, guaranteeing happier and brighter days to all. Hazel lives a life full of “happiness, hope, peace, trust, friendships, and love” and then, she passes it on.

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“I am a firm believer that the world is made up of good things and good people,” said Carla. “We live in a world that moves pretty fast—for our children, even faster. Each day, we have to take the good, the bad, and the ugly as it comes our way. Why not focus on the good? It is our jobs as adults and parents to take the time to help the “little people” of the world understand that good is all around us and that smiles can cure more than we think. We must teach them that ‘Happiness, Hope, Peace, Trust, Friendship, and Love’ are the key ingredients to a better life. Then, we must show them how to pass it on. Children celebrate each day with innocence and optimism, let’s keep these ideals going as long as possible, and simply….pass it on.”

Komar, who has a background in children’s apparel, has also designed a line of accessories aimed at celebrating Hazel’s mission. Hazel’s six messages are represented by different colorful bracelets, which are a reminder that a little kindness goes a long way. Designed to wear, share, and collect, the accessories are bright, colorful, and “ready to add some fun to any outfit,” according to Komar.

Komar also said she is continuing to focus on writing a Hazel series and on evolving her Hazel-inspired accessory line.

To learn more, click HERE for the book’s website.