I find it interesting that our governor visits the students at our schools (Montclair, Booton) to discuss his education funding decisions, and not the adults affected by his actions. (I understand he was challenged a bit more that he thought.) And yet he keeps up his sarcastic remarks of "it's about the children."

Well, I invite you to talk to the 80 aides in your hometown of Livingston - to face us and talk to us about losing our jobs and health benefits. Under the guise of "more jobs" we are being RIFed (essentially let go) and POSSIBLY hired back on a part time basis - without benefits (sounds inviting, doesn't it?).

But let's talk about the children. How about the child of the aide with a life threatening, serious health issue whose mother is about to lose her health benefits? Or the child of an aide who has a host of medical issues and learning disabilities? Or the child of a parent/aide with a serious health issue whose healthcare and treatment is now jeopardized? That's just to start the conversation rolling.

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Come on. Did you think that you were cutting the fat from education? The cuts started at the bottom, in the lean underpart, and our $20,000 + jobs were crossed out on an Excel Spreadsheet in a high school auditorium.

If you think the teachers taking a "freeze" or cut will do the trick, think again. The public needs to know that even with that proposal, we have been advised that we cannot be guaranteed that jobs will be saved.

The lesson I hope the children take away from these meetings with our governor is - to know a bunch of baloney when they see it.