LIVINGSTON, NJ — Thanks to a joint effort between the Livingston Township Council and the Livingston Board of Education (LBOE), the re-construction of the Livingston High School tennis courts has officially begun and is expected to be completed in time for the fall season.

In addition to renovating the tennis courts at the high school, lines will be painted on the courts to include Pickleball, a vastly growing sport in Livingston. Once the construction is complete, the courts at Heritage Middle School will also be renovated.

“It’s nice to see that the town council and the board of ed have begun working very closely on some large projects that the entire town and all the residents of Livingston will benefit from,” said Livingston Deputy Mayor Ed Meinhardt, who added that the court renovation is only the first of many joint projects between the two groups. “Obviously these were not inexpensive projects and it could only have been done because both groups worked together well and decided to split the cost of both sites.”

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The newly renovated courts will supplement the Northland courts, which were also recently re-done and now feature pale yellow Pickleball lines to distinguish them from the white tennis lines.

The courts are now referred to as “Tennis/Pickleball” Courts, allowing both tennis and Pickleball players to share the courts harmoniously.

According to Michael Garber, one of the founders of LIVINGSTON PICKLEBALL, this gives Livingston the opportunity to be the leading Pickleball community in New Jersey.

“We’re very open to all different sports groups who come into the town looking to play on our courts and fields,” said Meinhardt. “We’re very pleased to have the Pickleball association be part of the Livingston landscape.”

Mayor Shawn Klein said that this is a long-overdue renovation and that both the township and school district are enthusiastic about the collaboration.