LIVINGSTON, NJ - Danielle Lindner, owner of the London Day School, recently donated 100 copies of her new children’s book, “Sofia the Snail: The little snail that was afraid of the dark”, to sick children at the pediatrics center in St. Barnabas Medical Center.

“Sofia the Snail”, the first book in a series of character education stories for young children by Lindner, addresses the fears children might experience with bedtime darkness. The 38 page colorfully illustrated book offers parents help in quelling away those fears in their children.

Lindner said her main hope in donating the books to St. Barnabas Medical Center was to help the kids at the hospital through a difficult situation.  “Being alone in a hospital can be scary for a child. I thought it would be nice to get the book out to those children. The book will hopefully be easy for them to relate to, and help them to demystify the dark.”

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Tori Weinstein, Director of Operations & Grants at St. Barnabas, said the book had become popular among the children patients. “From what I understand the kids have been very receptive to it. It has distracted them during difficult surgeries.” She added that the book had even become a favorite among the staff members who have read it.

At one specific reading of “Sofia the Snail,” Weinstein spoke about demonstrated just how helpful the book has been at the hospital. “There was a young patient here recently who had to receive stiches and was very upset. The child life expert came in and read Danielle’s book to him and the patient went right to sleep.”

Weinstein went onto express her appreciation for Lindner and the charity she provided to St. Barnabas Medical Center. “We’re so fortunate that there are so many people in the community that want to do charitable work. Danielle is one of those people. Her wonderful book has made an impact,” said Weinstein. “We're very thankful for what she has done for our hospital and the children here, and we hope to continue our relationship with her.”

Lindner is a member of the SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators), and is also a contributor to The Alternative Press as the author of Nursery U: articles for parents and educators. She is the mother of two and actively participates in community projects and programs that support and foster the wellness of children in need.

Lindner’s second book is entitled “Arabelle: The bat with the most wonderful pink glasses”, which will be available this month on