I was sitting happily on my couch thinking how “Game of Thrones” would make the perfect ending to my holiday: Arya reunited with her sword, Bran reunited with his uncle…and then that Holy Alliance.

Still, Episode Six had some thought-provoking moments as we head into the final four episodes.  

Benjen Stark’s heroic return is no real surprise. For several seasons, it was a reiterated fact that Benjen Stark, Ned’s younger brother and the First Ranger of the Night’s Watch, was missing and was never confirmed to be dead. In my opinion, unless a character’s death is confirmed through beheading or otherwise, it’s likely that the character is still alive and probably bound to be important. And we need him now more than ever, even if only for Meera’s sake—that poor girl gets the award for trooper of the year.

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Mace Tyrell asked exactly the right question: What is happening? First of all, why does Margaery get to keep her hair and, more importantly, where in the world is Loras? Outside the sept, Lady Olenna said it was a win for the High Sparrow, but my guess is Margaery knows exactly what she’s doing. Let’s hope to the Seven that Margaery has something up her sleeve because the last time we saw her, she stubbornly insisted that she would not let the Sparrows break her family. I doubt that the granddaughter of the woman who murdered King Joffrey would accept a loss like this one. In fact, Margaery managed her way out of the sept dungeons without a walk of shame and convinced Tommen to create an alliance that would cause a Lannister, one of her family’s greatest enemies, to leave King’s Landing. Two birds with one stone, if you ask me.

Riverrun is about to witness the Lannister army, the Fray army and Brienne of Tarth all at once. Despite how it sounded in Episode Six, Tommen did not banish Jaime from King’s Landing—he is sending his armies to take back Riverrun, which was held by Walder Fray after the Red Wedding but was recently taken by Brynden Tully. To clarify, Bryden Tully, commonly known as “the Blackfish,” is Catelyn Stark and Edmure Tully’s uncle. Edmure is the rightful Lord of Riverrun, but has been in chains at the Twins since his wedding. The Fray’s and the Lannisters are on the same side and heading the same way, but Brienne is on her way to recruit Sansa’s great uncle (the Blackfish) to help her take back Winterfell. I actually wouldn’t mind a little Jaime-Brienne reunion. Also, Jaime Lannister on that white horse? *Insert thumbs up emoji*

The impending trial by combat could be more interesting than you thought. For those of you who don’t know, there are some theories floating around that the Hound will come back and fight his brother, the Mountain. Cersei more-or-less confirmed that there will at least be a trial by combat in the coming episodes and that the Mountain would be her champion. The Hound was personally my favorite character back in the day and, as I already mentioned, it’s silly to assume that anyone on this show is dead unless the death is confirmed.

That list of Valyrian steel swords is growing by the episode. Not only can Sam Tarly wield a sword, but he is also now the owner, albeit the thief, of one of the only remaining weapons capable of killing White Walkers—alongside Jon Snow, Brienne and Tommen Baratheon. Like Tyrion, Sam knows that books could be his greatest weapon, not to mention that he’s also the one who discovered that dragonglass kills the walkers. His father can demean Sam all he wants, but Sam’s proven himself to be a crucial character for the future of the series, especially now that he has that sword. Meanwhile, someone’s got to teach that poor girl how to walk in a dress if she wants to pass as a southerner. She’s lucky that kid is so cute.

Needle for the win—Arya Stark is back. My heart skipped a beat thinking Arya’s sword wasn’t going to be there, but a girl finally reunited with her Needle. I can only hope the first time she uses it is against the Waif (that chick with the bob cut and the cool stick whose already on her way to take Arya out). Arya’s eyes said everything we need to know when she was talking about Joffrey’s death, though she was obviously thinking about her own father’s. Enough of these Faceless Men shenanigans, Arya. Get yourself out of there.

It was a good speech, Daenerys, but you still have no ships. Dany is in for a rude awakening when she marches into Meereen with a thousand Dothraki and realizes all of those “wooden horses” went up in flames. And that Tyrion made a peace treaty with the masters as well as a High Priestess without her consent. I’m also not sure where in Meereen she thinks she’s housing all these Dothraki in the mean time. We do know that Euron Greyjoy intends to seduce her with an ironborn fleet, but who knows how many seasons that will take.

Episode Six wasn’t nearly as epic as some of the season’s earlier episodes, but it was certainly informative and left room for more interesting things to happen in the final four hours.

I’ll admit I replayed Bran’s flashbacks more than once and it seems like he’s about to know more than he thinks. Not only did we finally catch our first glimpse of the Mad King, but we also saw pieces of the Red Wedding, Jon’s epic fight with the wights and an unknown person who looked awfully bloody in my opinion. (Lyanna Stark dying in childbirth perhaps?)

If they don’t answer some of these questions soon, I might lose my mind.

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