LIVINGSTON, NJ - Livingston Town Councilwoman Deborah Shapiro filed her petition on March 24 to run as an Independent candidate for re-election to the Livingston Town Council, on what she calls her “Dollars and Sense” platform.

“My message is one of non-partisanship as indicated by my ‘State of the Town’ address at the 2014 Reorganization meeting," said Shapiro. "By running as an Independent, I cross all party lines and can be attractive to all citizens of Livingston.”

In addition, as the Livingston and Essex County Republican organizations declined to support a woman to run for Council, Shapiro decided to take the initiative and run on her own for re-election. “Having a woman’s voice on the Council is very important and I have worked hard to be available to those who are more comfortable approaching a woman for help,” she said.

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Shapiro continues to bring her business acumen and years of executive experience to bear in helping the Township wrestle with its ongoing financial issues. “That’s why my platform is ‘Dollars and Sense,’ she said. "We need to ensure that whatever dollars we raise in taxes, we spend sensibly and not recklessly. For example, we don’t need a new Town Garage built to the same scale as the controversial and expensive Town Hall.”

In addition, Shapiro has also been consistent with her fiscal conservatism to make the Township as efficient as possible without compromising on the quality of services offered. “I plan on continuing to be plain spoken—when people talk with me, they always know where I stand on an issue, but I am also willing to change my position if the facts indicate the wisdom of doing so," Shapiro said. "In fact, this was illustrated years ago by changing my stance on charter schools in Livingston—it was not the will of the people and I withdrew my support.”

During her first term, Shapiro forged strong relationships with many of the volunteers and employees of the Township and said she hopes to continue to leverage those relationships to the greater benefit of the citizens of Livingston.

“I am here to serve and look forward to the chance to continue to do so for four more years,” said Shapiro.