Two recent examples of cooperative cost savings with Essex County:

When solid waste is hauled from Livingston by our trash collectors, Livingston must pay a tipping fee at the central waste recovery facility.  With the assistance of the Democrat controlled Essex County administration, Livingston will have a $92,353.13 reduction in those payments next year and savings in the following four years.

In the Fall, Essex County is responsible for collecting the leaves on the county roads that are in Livingston.  Our own trucks use those roads when doing pickup on Town streets.   Since our trucks are there, we now pick up leaves for the county, and the county pays us in rock salt that we would otherwise have to buy for winter use on our streets.

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We are committed to seeking additional cost savings opportunities though cooperation with the   state, the county and neighboring communities.

Rudy Fernandez, Shawn Klein, Ed Meinhardt Democrats committed to fiscal responsibility while maintaining the services residents need and expect.