People have some hard questions for God.

On four Thursdays at Trinity Covenant Church, some tough questions will be aired and considered, after a genial pot luck dinner.  Trinity’s pastor, Rev. Susan Gillespie, will lead the discussion and help the dinner party consult the Bible for answers. 

Each week, dinner starts at 6:30; the discussion will begin at 7:15 pm.

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The dates, and the questions, are:

7/7 “Why are there ‘non-believers’ who seem like better people than some Christians I know, and what does God think about that?”
7/21 “Does God have a “will” for me, and  if so, how can I know it?”
8/4 “Why does God allow/inflict suffering?”
8/18 “If we are already forgiven, does God care if we are ‘good’?”

For more information about the dinners or the church, see their web site at or call the church at 973-992-4044.