LIVINGSTON, NJ – Town Planner Calendar is the company that compiles and prints the annual Livingston Town Planner Calendar. In December 2017, the 2018 Livingston Town Planner Calendar was printed, mailed and delivered to Livingston residents.

On Dec. 29, 2017, Town Planner Calendar contacted Livingston to advise the township that staff at Town Planner had mistakenly included the wrong recycling and garbage schedule on Livingston’s 2018 Town Planner Calendar.

Notification to residents of the incorrect calendar schedule was posted on the Livingston Township website, Facebook page and Twitter account, and email and text messages were sent out to the community using both CommunityPass and the Swift911 Emergency Notification System on Dec. 29.  Unfortunately, there still appears to be a significant group of residents who have not received that information and are using the incorrect 2018 Livingston Town Planner Calendar.

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The Corrected 2018 Livingston Town Planner Calendar was reprinted and mailed to all residents during the first week of January. The corrected calendar features a large yellow banner across the front page, and red banner across the back page containing the words “Corrected Recycling Schedule Inside.”

All residents should be sure they are using the corrected version of the 2018 Livingston Town Planner Calendar, bearing the words “Corrected Recycling Schedule Inside.”

Alternating Week Pickups: Livingston’s Recycling vendor Giordano Company, Inc., reminds residents that Livingston alternates recycling weeks – paper products, cardboard and newspapers one week; and commingled plastics, glass, cans, and Styrofoam the next week. Giordano cannot collect commingled items and paper recycling at the same time.

Information on residential recycling and garbage, and a “Recycling Made Easy” guide can be found on the inside back pages of the Corrected 2018 Livingston Town Planner Calendar. Information on garbage and recycling – including an alphabetical street list to help residents find their recycling zone and garbage collection days, a weekly recycling calendar by zone, and additional information and resources is always available on the recycling page of the township website at

Residents should also note that although the back inside page of the calendar states that Metal Collection is on the last Wednesday of the month, the Department of Public Works has increased the frequency of Metal Collection to weekly pickup on Fridays, with registration required by the Thursday just before the desired collection day. Residents may “Submit a Service Request” through the township website, or call 973-992-5000 ext. #5522 to register their name, address, and a description of the metal items to be collected.

Anyone who has not received a 2018 Livingston Town Planner Calendar with the” Corrected Recycling Schedule Inside” banners should ask their mail carrier about delivery. There is also a limited supply of corrected calendars available in Township Hall, 357 S. Livingston Avenue. 

All residents should register for Livingston’s Swift911 Emergency Notification System. Simply visit the home page of the township website at and click the Swift911 box on the right of the page.

By registering cell and landline numbers and email addresses, residents can be sure to receive important information and Emergency Notifications by phone, text and email.  The information within the Swift911 system is used only for the purposes of these types of notifications; it is not shared, sold or made available for use by outside individuals or entities.

Residents are also reminded to like Livingston Township, NJ on Facebook by hovering over “Following” at the top of the page and select “See First” to ensure seeing township posts in addition to following the township on Twitter, @Livingston_NJ, for daily information and updates.