Teachers are teaching and students are learning during summer break at Livingston’s extended school year program. On a recent morning, third graders read aloud, practicing their sight words and phonemic awareness of vocabulary words on the theme of the week, health and fitness.
Their teacher, Kristi DeMiceli, helped the students build decoding and fluency skills as they read through “Healthy Me,” a primer on ways to keep your body and mind healthy.
“Can we read ‘Unhealthy Me’?” a student joked when they finished.
That might just be tomorrow’s writing assignment.
The themed lessons in reading, Language Arts and math -- taken from the Pillars of Character Education -- are among the changes to the District’s Extended School Year (ESY) program. It is running under the direction of Terry Santora, the Interim Supervisor of Student Services. It has been a successful summer, with 85 students participating and high school students volunteering as counselors to the academic “camps” taking place in classrooms.
The goal is to support the students’ learning and retention of skills throughout the summer. Informally called “Camp Livingston,” the students are receiving academic instruction as well as related services.