LIVINGSTON, NJ -- Your kids may be off from school, but that doesn’t mean you got to escape town for a relaxing vacation. If you’re home this week, come experience the magic of MeditationMassage at CardioYoga and enjoy a mental vacation.

It’s a 45-minute class where the teacher, who is also a massage therapist, blends guided meditation with massage to relieve the stress in both your mind and body. 

The owner of CardioYoga, Chelsea Alban, created the studio to be a place where you could take care of both your body and your mind. And, as a licensed massage therapist and a long-time yogi, she craved a class where the mental benefits of meditation would be met with the physical benefits of massage. There is no other class out there that combines these two elements.

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If you are interested in letting your mind go, this is an experience you must try.

CardioYoga is offering the MeditationMassage for FREE this Thursday, April 18 at 8 p.m. This class will be limited to just six participants, so you must sign up in advance at

At CardioYoga, you'll walk out feeling better than when you entered; may that be from a great endorphin filled workout, a relaxed body from a massage or a new sense of calm from meditation.

To learn more about CardioYoga and more ways to enjoy your wellness journey, visit