Mila Lansky, Founder, GentleYoga.Us, based in East Hanover, practices and teaches “gentle” yoga. Ms. Lansky teaches stretches and poses that open up your lungs and diaphragm and lengthens your spine to create calmness, peacefulness and healing. Yoga is for everyone, from seniors to babies to anyone just wanting more energy and less stress.

According to Ms. Lansky, “Yoga makes one feel whole and at peace. Yoga is an ancient practice that has become mainstream. The beauty of yoga is that it brings harmony within yourself and makes you happy. When you are happy, the people around you seem to change.”

Everyone can benefit from yoga. Taking a few deep breaths before reacting to a stressful situation is yoga. Stretching and reflecting on your breath before, during and after a long drive or a strenuous activity is yoga. Taking a moment to concentrate makes one calm and ready to face life.

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There are as many reasons to practice yoga as there are individuals. Some do it to create a toned, flexible body, others for its known stress reducing properties; still others are seeking more energy. Whatever your individual reasons - there is one constant – yoga promotes wellness.

Mila received her Yoga Teacher Certification through The American Yoga Academy. She is registered through Yoga Alliance and has attended seminars and classes taught by gurus in the field – Beryl Bender, David Life, John Friend, Sharon Gannon, Dharma Mittra and Eric Shiffmann. Mila has also studied ohashiatsu massage at the Ohashi Institute in NY. Mila is a firm believer in holistic healing and is passionate about helping people help themselves.

Gentle yoga can be taught in studio, at home, at parties; during corporate lunch hours and anywhere/everywhere a mat can be placed. Mila Lansky can be contacted at: or 201.650.0530