On Sunday April 11, 2010 the "Old Force Homestead" located on 366 So.Livingston Ave. Livingston will be open for docent tours.

This historic house is of New England Colonial in form but marked by Dutch characteristics. It was built in 1745 by simple, hard working people who constructed almost everything of wood, which they cut and prepared themselves. The structure was built solid and tight, with strong beams and thick walls to keep out extreme cold in the winter and excessive heat during the summer. The original house consisted of only one large room and a loft area. In the 1800's it was expanded to its present size, adding two more rooms downstairs, a second floor with 2 bedrooms, a buttery, a barn, etc.

In 1962 the Township of Livingston purchased the property and a Historical Society was formed to restore and repair the entire house. The efforts of the many dedicated members and volunteers helped to restore and furnish the interior rooms to authenticity. Generous donations of valuable antiques and colonial period pieces are on display, including several spinning wheels, grandfather's clocks from the Edison Foundation, a collection of gowns, some dating back to the 1700's and hand-made quilts. Also an original Hitchcock rocking bench and many tools of early colonial interest.

The Livingston Historical Society invites the public to visit the Force Homestead on Sunday, April 11, from 2pm - 4pm free of charge. Special or private tours may be arranged by calling Helen Shumsky at 973-992-3017