LIVINGSTON, NJ — Livingston police responded to a call regarding a dog that was hit by a car on Friday afternoon on Northfield Ave. The dog’s owner had him cremated later that day and the driver has not been found.

The dog, named Benzie, escaped his yard through a hole in the owner’s deck where a wooden block was removed by a man who was repairing the family’s windows.

According to the owner, the driver did not stop after hitting the dog. A witness also said that other drivers continued to drive, avoiding the dog until police arrived and blocked off the lane.

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Local women flocked to the Livingston Moms (NJ) Facebook page with heartfelt messages to the owner after a witness posted about the incident. The owner, who also has another dog, said that Benzie did not suffer.

“This community is great and I’m so happy in this sad moment that there’s so many caring moms I can lean on for support,” she wrote. “My family thanks you.”