LIVINGSTON, NJ — A group of stray cats on Sycamore Terrace in Livingston has lost their home, according to a neighbor in the area, and  “desperately need a place to live and to be fed.”

The neighbor said she would be happy to continue to provide the food and to make a donation if necessary. She also said the cats do not necessarily need to be kept together.

“Though technically considered strays or feral, they are sweet cats that are comfortable around people and are even affectionate and playful,” she said. “All but one has been neutered, but I am working on getting her fixed.”

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Those who are able to help or know of an organization or person that could are encouraged to reach out to Shelley Mangan at, home at 973-992-9006 or on her cell at 973-220-5376.

“Although several times people have offered to take them, they have all reneged at the last minute,” she said. “Therefore, tragically, they are quickly running out of time. If a home can’t be found soon, a terrible fate awaits them.”

Mangan provided photos of the cats, which can be seen above.