LIVINGSTON, NJ – The Valley National Bank on S. Livingston Ave is currently hosting Art in the Bank until the end of March.  It is their second annual public display composed of art work created by the students from Horizon School, a part of the Cerebral Palsy of North New Jersey.

“A lot of the kids are very sensory and they like to work with their hands,” said Carole Ammann, Public Information Officer for Horizon High School.  “It helps them to make choices like what color to use.  The art program also gives them a chance to make something to bring home.”

At the Horizon School, students are comprised of 75% Cerebral Palsy and 25% other special needs.  Students participate in a well-rounded art program which is used as a vehicle for child growth.   The art work on display reflects the children’s lesson plans.  Half of the display is comprised of different themes such as the seasons, and the other half is made up of ‘master inspired works’.

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“It definitely enhances their life,” said Marta Broda, Horizon Art Teacher.  “Art is a good vehicle to teach other subjects which are more difficult to learn.” 

Broda expanded on the importance of art in the classroom and the measure of positive therapy it provides for the kids.  “Art is always set up for success.  There is no right or wrong and students are proud to have their art exhibited in the public like other artists.”

The Horizon High School in Livingston is part of the Cerebral Palsy of North New Jersey.  It currently serves between 75-95 students. 

For more information about the Horizon School or Art in the Bank contact Carole Ammann at (973) 763-9900