LIVINGSTON, NJ – TAP into Livingston staff recently interviewed former Livingston resident, CEO and president of Brand Influencers LLC, Jason Metz to learn about his New York City-headquartered marketing and advertising consultancy which creates multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns for clients like Ford, Forever 21, Acura and Panasonic.

Metz graduated from Livingston High School in 1998 and attended Villanova University where he graduated cum laude with a double major in finance and management information systems.  According to Metz, he became an entrepreneur during his sophomore year at Villanova when he started multiple businesses including a fashion calendar featuring wardrobe from local designers modeled by students on campus. The success of this project led Metz to pursue further endeavors in the fashion industry by creating his own modeling agency (one of his four start-up companies) and developing one of the first web-based platforms for modeling agency portfolios.

Following his early success, Metz went on to work at a marketing agency for seven years, stating it was his interest in the intersection of technology and business that led him to the world of advertising. In 2011, he founded Brand Influencers.

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According to Metz, Brand Influencers is rooted in the concept of behavioral analytics, which entails identifying a brand’s target audience and understanding the behavioral and motivational patterns of potential customers. Metz stated, “I want a better understanding of who my customers are and what their passions are. I want to craft the right message and experience for the brand I’m representing that fits in with the target customer’s experience. This provides deep insight into how to advertise.”

In addition to building marketing campaigns, Metz frequently travels across the country to give presentations, mentor college students and consult with small start-up businesses. “I want to continue to try to revolutionize the world of marketing,” said Metz.

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of his career, Metz responded, “I am a builder. I love to build and I really enjoy working with my clients, understanding their business and the message they are trying to deliver. I’m a very analytical and intuitive person, and I play devil’s advocate and challenge my clients to show them a different approach.”

“Every time I build a campaign I get to watch it come to life,” Metz added.

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