LIVINGSTON, NJ – Jay Boyle knows the most important part of his business is the people.

He knows it when he first meets a client. He knows it when he listens to their stories and their goals. He knows it when he helps them establish the right financial plan.

Boyle, Senior Associate at Acorn Financial Services, has been in the financial services business for nearly 21 years. He helps people with their investments, estate planning, retirement, college savings, or any other aspect of their finances that help them feel secure in the present and their future.

“My job is to sit down and talk to people and listen to what they need and what they want to accomplish,” Boyle said. “I never say ‘This is what you need.’ My job is to ask questions and give suggestions. I have very good fact-finding meetings with people and then present ideas.”

While most people are aware that they need to plan their financial futures, it is often a question of finding the time to do it.

“People don’t have enough time in their lives to think about financial concerns,” Boyle said. “My job is to get them to focus. I do a very good job at following up, I contact my clients on a regular basis to review what we’ve done and what we still need to accomplish.”

Boyle acknowledges that in this uncertain economic climate, people are nervous about making any kind of financial commitment, even to their own future.

“It’s difficult, and I completely understand that,” he said. “But if you meet with people and talk about their options, you can accomplish what they need to do. I know people are concerned, and they should be. I’m here to help ease that concern so they can accomplish their goals and protect their families.”

Boyle also has a good team around him and can refer his clients to for other services, like lawyers and accountants.

Boyle has about 1,000 clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and other states across the country. Boyle grew up in Westfield, where he still makes his home. He’s on the board of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce, the board of the Westfield Foundation and is a former chairman of the Westfield Planning Board. He went through school in Westfield, and all of his kids did too. It’s no surprise then that he has many Westfield-based clients, as well as Livingston where his main office is located.

Boyle and his wife have a low-key way to get to know potential clients: they host dinner parties at a local restaurant.

“We get four or five couples to come join us,” he explained. “We talk about retirement planning, then we have a wine tasting and dinner. We don’t talk about specifics or about any product, we just have a general conversation as part of the dinner party.”

In the days that follow, Boyle contacts the party attendees for a more thorough discussion about their specific needs.

“We’ve done four of them, and we have another one coming up,” he said. “It’s so much better than large seminars. This is just fun, and we attract new people.”

Boyle represents every insurance company and investment company, and that part of his job, he said, is bittersweet. After a tragedy, he is able to help his clients with the claims process. While he knows that money doesn’t ease the pain of loss, he also knows it helps that the family’s financial worries may be taken care of.

“The best part of what I do is helping people,” he said. “You can’t be very successful in my business unless you like to help people.”

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