LIVINGSTON, NJ — The Livingston Mall recently allowed JCP&L to use its parking lot as a staging area for all of the trucks and crews who came from the southern part of New Jersey and beyond to help out during the extensive power outages in the area last week and throughout the weekend following the nor’easter.

“They brought all these extra trucks and line crews from all over Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and maybe some other states to help restoration projects with the power lines—not only in Livingston, but the whole northern part of the State of New Jersey,” said Mayor Ed Meinhardt. “It’s been wonderful because Livingston’s really been benefitting from that, and as of [Monday] night, all JCP&L customers had their power restored.”

These crews helped to restore power to all areas of Essex, Morris and Sussex counties, which were hit the hardest during Winter Storms Riley and Quinn. According to Meinhardt, these crewmembers have been being housed and fed in the area of the Livingston Mall so that they could be available throughout the restoration period.

“Originally, JCP&L had promised their customers a possible restoration date of this Thursday at noon, but as of [Monday], everyone had been returned to power,” said Meinhardt. “So this really has been wonderful.”