BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Jodi Siegel, Morgage Originator with Atlantic Financial Services, is out to turn that dream into reality. A career financial professional, Siegel found a niche in mortgages.

"This is a way to help people who couldn’t necessarily help themselves," Siegel said. 

Her commitment to helping people in all aspects of their financial health drives her to get the mortgage rate and program that is best suited for her clients' needs. The interest rate one pays for a loan can dramatically affect the payment made. 
Using her financial background as a former Wall Street professional with Lehman Brothers and Jeffries Group, Jodi developed a business of helping people that are going through difficult times in their life to simplify their financial problems.  "Credit cards and mortgages happened to be a piece of that," she said.  
"Getting rid of credit card debt, fixing their credit, making sure they have proper insurance, lowering some of their obvious expenses -- mortgage being one of them."

"The mortgage aspect of that business started taking off with the enviornment the way it was," she said.
Passionate about the service she provides, a turning point of this passion came while helping a woman in transition.  
"A desperate single mother of three, working around the clock, came to me.  She was overwhelmed and intimidataded by financial people," Siegel said. "I was able to help her refinance her home and pay off her dept.  She gave me a hug and told me, 'You saved my life, I couldn't afford to live here anymore.' "
"I love and feel the satisfaction of being able to help someone.  Get them the mortgage that they didnt think they could get and get them the house that they didn't think they could buy," Siegel said.
Everyone's needs and circumstances are different -- Siegel figures out the pieces of the puzzle to fit those individual needs -- finding the loan program to suit their individual requirements. "Knowing what their financial situation is, I can find the right product and deal for them," Siegel said.   
The transition in mortgages over the past several years has made this job more difficult for many brokers, Siegel said.  "With all of the regulations and affordability checks, it is a difficult process," she said. "Many professionals that have been doing this for 30 years  are burnt out because it is no longer easy to get financing." 
As the housing market improves, Siegel is seeing less refinancing and more home purchasing. The real estate landscape has changed substantially in the last couple of years.  Pent up demand has buyers jumping at homes as soon as they hit the market. 
"The rates are still historically low. In the long run, there are more options and people are able to buy houses with a small down payment while obtaining a good rate," said Siegel. "There are savings to be made and you can protect yourself against future rate increases too.  Make the move now."
Siegel also works with clients with all financial circumstances to finance a new purchase; refinance a home to reduce the rate, term; or help to take cash out for debt consolidation, home improvements, college expenses or just about anything else. 
Jodi Siegel may be reached at (908)334-4352;; Atlantic Financial Services.  
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