CBRG is different from other college planning services in that it offers “harmonization” of financial, educational and social guidance for the entire family. Co-founders Steven Sirot and David Slater and partner Janet Loren meet jointly with students and parents to develop a college game plan that works for everyone. Too often, college students attend a school because their friends are there, or it is the so-called ‘hot school’ that is on everyone’s radar, without any consideration as to whether the school is right for them or the long-term effect it will have on family finances.

July Tips for Rising Seniors:

Financial: Try finding a summer internship that offers college credit. Gaining credits over the summer can help ensure you have enough to graduate on time, or even early, which will save you money on tuition. If not for credit, find a job where you can explore your interests, potential majors, and career options. And remember to save some of your earnings to contribute to your college expenses.
Academic: Use some of your free time this summer to visit college campuses. Typically, we recommend visiting colleges when the students are on campus, but some schools have special summer tours that will give you a good sense of their environment. Be sure to take notes in order to be able to differentiate the schools when you are narrowing down your choices, and it is helpful to come up with three unique characteristics for each school to use in your “why this school” essay. The three things should be very specific to the school, such as: names of specific buildings, an interaction with a member of the faculty or details about a special program.
CBRG holds free community workshops throughout the state and explains, in detail, many strategies one can employ to find the best college ‘fit’ for a child.
Upcoming Summer Workshops:

  • Thursday July 17 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fairfield Public Library
  • Tuesdays, July 22, August 19, and September 16 at 6:45 p.m., at the CBRG Headquarters located at 7 Becker Farm Road, in Roseland

To view a full list of upcoming CBRG workshops and reserve your seat(s) please visit the CBRG website at: www.cbrg.info or call 888-802-2740.