LIVINGSTON, NJ – Each year, June 17 marks “Eat Your Vegetables Day”, a day to remind people to eat their vegetables and maintain a healthy diet.

According to the website Holiday Insights, Eat Your Vegetables Day occurs so, “You are encouraged to eat vegetables for every meal, and for a snack.”  Parents are encouraged to allow their children to help prepare dinner while teaching them about the importance of vegetables.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture states, “Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body.” The USDA also notes that eating vegetables reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, heart attack, stroke and other illness and diseases.  

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Michele Paige, a mother of two from Livingston, said that she has ways to encourage her children to eat vegetables. Her son, Tanner, 5, eats raw carrots, while her daughter, eight-year old Remi, eats any vegetable except Brussels sprouts.

Paige explained, “For my son, I tell him he’ll be able to see in the dark if he eats those carrots.” Daughter Remi is “proud of the fact she is eating healthy.” Paige stated.

John Allen Mollenhauer, who is the CEO & Founder of Livingston-based Nutrient Rich Life, a company that educates people on how to eat healthy, stated that, “Leafy green vegetables, and colored, non-starchy vegetables are the single most important foods of any diet of any kind”.

Mollenhauer also emphasizes that in the modern world, staying healthy is crucial because of health care costs, and the need for people to function at high levels.

In order to stay healthy, he says that people need to have a nutrient rich diet. “A nutrient rich food is a food that gives you, in varying amounts, everything your body needs to function” Mollenhauer stated.

Chef Dino Ottiano of Calabria’s Restaurant in Livingston stated that broccoli and spinach are popular vegetables at Calabria’s. He added that he makes them the way his customers want them, be it “sautéed with olive oil, garlic, or steamed.” 

Paul Kneeland, Vice President of Produce at Kings Super Markets said in a statement that “Knowing what’s in season is very important when it comes to picking the freshest produce available. In June, items like beets, cabbage, lettuce, green beans, peas, and yellow squash are all in harvest.”

Kneeland also stated that Kings has re-introduced a program which brings fresh, locally grown products to their Kings grocery stores.

Christine Patorniti, Shop Rite of Livingston’s Retail Dietician, said in a statement “Vegetables are a vital part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Whether they are fresh, frozen, or canned, vegetables are an important source of nutrients, including potassium, fiber, foliate, and Vitamins A and C.”

Ms. Patroniti also added that Shop Rite works with local farmers to get fresh vegetables.

She stated that seasonal vegetables that are available at Shop Rite stores now include leafy greens, spinach, Swiss chard, escarole, asparagus, a variety of mushrooms, eggplant, cucumbers, and more.