LIVINGSTON, NJ - The Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to spotlight one of its newest members, GrowthPoint Business Consulting, which is dedicated to assisting small-and medium-sized companies grow their businesses. Here is an interview with GrowthPoint Business Consulting President Arnon Amir. 


92 Cummings Circle

West Orange, NJ 07052

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Established May 2015


Q: Describe what your business does.

A: GrowthPoint Business Consulting helps business owners who would like to grow their business but need help in planning their growth, carrying our their plan and achieving the vision they have for the growth of their business.

Q: What is you favorite thing about Livingston?

A: It was a great town to raise my family and benefit by the excellent school system and the variety of businesses, restaurants and activities available to everyone.

Q: What made you go into this profession?

A: I enjoy using the skills and experience I have acquired in my career to assist business owners who are committed to their growth, which also fulfills my desire to control my own business destiny

Q: What is the most frequently asked question by potential or existing clients?

A: Clients would most often ask, "How can your company help me grow my business and what will it cost me?”

Q: What is your favorite part of the workday or week and why?

A: My favorite part of the day is when I am meeting with existing or potential clients, building strong personal and professional relationships and collaborating with them to grow their business.   

Q: If you could service any celebrity as a client, who would it be?

A: I would like to have Steven Spielberg as a client, since I am a lifelong movie buff and a big fan of his movies.  However, I do not believe he needs help in growing his business.

Q: What are you most passionate about?

A: I am most passionate about learning everything I can about my clients and their businesses, then designing and implementing a plan to help them achieve their goals.

Q: In a few words, describe your business plan.

A: My business plan is focused on business owners who are spending too much time meeting everyday business demands and not enough time growing their business.  I would assess the current status of their business and then design a plan that would give them a blueprint for their growth. This would include Marketing and Sales strategies, training and anything else that would define how the business growth will be accomplished and who will get it done.

Q: What advice would you give someone starting out in business?

A: I would advise them to have a clear vision of what they would like to achieve and a specific plan to make that vision a reality.

Q: How did your business get started?

A: I started GrowthPoint Business Consulting because I knew that many business owners are challenged with trying to manage their daily priorities and they were not finding the time or the best methods to grow their business.

Q: What are some services that your business offers that people may not be aware of?

A: My services to any client will include the participation and commitment of all their employees. I believe that employees who are empowered, motivated and recognized for their contributions will all benefit by the company's growth.

Q: What are some of the company's success stories or achievements?

A: For one company, I created a Customer Advisory Board to enable major existing customers to have an open forum and a strong voice to ensure that business and product decisions made by the company are enacted with their input and collaboration. 

Q: What sets your company apart from others in your industry?

A: GrowthPoint Business Consulting takes a total company approach to achieve our clients' business growth. This enables all employees to participate and benefit by the results.

Q: Does your business have a symbol or logo? What does it stand for?

A: My logo stands for the Organic Growth of my client's business.

Q: When you are not at work, what is your favorite thing to do?

A: I enjoy spending time with my family and getting together with long time friends. I also like movies, playing tennis and watching most other sporting events.

Q: Who is your hero?

A: My parents: They had the courage to uproot their three children and move halfway around the world to this country, all with the goal of giving their kids a better opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Q: If you could plan how to spend your ideal Sunday, how would you spend it?

A: I would have a leisurely breakfast with my wife, Judy, read the Sunday newspaper and spend time with my kids and granddaughters.