Livingston, NJ - On Tues., May 14, Livingston High School opened its doors for the annual Big L Club-sponsored Lancers on Parade Fashion Show, Tricky Tray and Taste of Livingston. Over 40 merchants from throughout the town offered a glimpse of their trademark items. In addition, local restaurants and food venues including Il Repasso, Café 88 and Swede’s Frozen Yogurt offered samples to guests who presented a $10.00 admission fee at the door. 

The night began in the high school cafeteria, where tables were set up with food and raffle baskets from contributors around Livingston. 

Later, LHS’s senior athletes performed in a fashion show that allowed local businesses to parade their favorite collections. 

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Big L Club President John Wolkstein said that as the official booster and support group for all high school athletes and teams, its members look forward to the event each year. 

“The Big L Club’s mission is to support scholarships for LHS athletes,” said Wolkstein. “These fundraisers help us support them as well as the teams with things like apparel and 50/50’s at sporting events.”

Wolkstein said that during the weeks leading up to the event, which took six months to prepare for, the Big L Club solicited restaurants throughout the community and received gifts and donations from local businesses willing to support the raffles. 

Thanking all of the town contributors who helped make the event possible, event chair and Big L Club member Joy Bushwell said that she takes pride in this annual opportunity to give back to the students as well as the community. 

“It brings the community and its students together to honor our student athletes,” she said. 

 She also said, “The event gives our contributors a chance to share their favorite lines and dishes. It gives them the exposure they need and new hopes that the community will respond with positivity and come to thank them for their support.”

Some of the athletes from the Class of 2013 said they have been looking forward to the event all year because it is the last time that the majority of them will have the chance to be on the LHS stage. 

Senior athlete Sam Alpert said that her favorite part of the Lancers on Parade was the excitement of getting ready for it.

“My day was filled with hair and makeup and there’s a sort of thrill about being dressed by other people,” said Alpert. “It was a great experience and something exciting that I got to do with all of my friends.” 

The night ended with announcements of the raffles winners. Some Livingston residents walked away with prizes as big as Yankee Tickets and stereo systems. 

While not everyone left with a tangible prize, many left with nostalgia. 

“I’m leaving tonight with a great senior memory,” said Alpert. “It made the idea of graduating more real because it was the start of a lot of lasts for us.”