On Feb. 5, 1963, Joe Guerriero took out “A Pocketful of Poems” from the Livingston High School library. He liked the book so much he kept it for the next 51 years.
“I suppose I took it out for an English class and just forgot about it,” Guerriero said. “It kept turning up over the years and I meant to return it but I grew attached to it.”
Last Friday, Sept. 19, celebrating with his 50th reunion class at LHS, he finally returned his long overdue book of verse.
Guerriero, who now lives in Fredon, Sussex County, said it was a pleasure coming back to LHS after so many years. “The only things I recognized were the auditorium, cafeteria, gym, and main office. It is a beautiful school and I’m proud to have attended.”
He also hopes another student will enjoy the book as much as he did. It’s in fair condition, according to the book jacket he signed as a junior in homeroom 210. 
“I’m sorry I couldn’t afford the fine,” he joked. “I think it would’ve been 2 cents a day, which would be around $375.”