LIVINGSTON, NJ – Livingston High School has been ranked #162 out of over 1,200 U.S. high schools surveyed in the 2014 The Daily Beast list of Top High Schools. It was also ranked in the top 100 in the College Bound category.

Principal of Livingston High School Mark Stern said, "At Livingston High School, we were pleased to be listed among America's Top High Schools by the Daily Beast. As with all the recent rankings, being included is an encouraging acknowledgement of our continued achievements. While we try not to place too much stock in any one ranking, they do provide us with an opportunity to reflect on our current practices in various contexts. They also represent a commitment to our schools, K-12, from our community paired with the motivation of our student body, the dedication to best practice in instruction and learning of our teachers and administrators, and the organization of our support staff that make Livingston High School special."
LHS stacked up as follows:

Graduating 96.0%

College-bound 99%

Free/reduced Lunch 3.20%


SAT / ACT 1749 / 25.4


Students enrolled in AP/IB courses 33%

Exams Taken 0.59

AP/IB Exam Pass Rate 96.6%

School Type

Regular, Open

Over a thousand of the most successful U.S. high schools participated in The Daily Beast’s quest to find the top public institutions turning out the best students. Some were approached by The Daily Beast for participation and others volunteered to participate. There were also some schools that did not reply to the request to fill out the survey. So, while this is a comprehensive list of all who participated, it is not inclusive of every single high school meeting the criteria for participation.

The Daily Beast said it used six indicators to compare public high schools in the U.S., with graduation and college acceptance rates weighed most heavily. Other criteria included: college-level courses and exams, percentage of students with free or reduced lunch, as well as SAT and ACT scores—another mark of how well a school prepares students for college.

“We based our methodology on available statistics from the Department of Education and school surveys, data that is arguably as much an indicator of student quality as of a school’s. These are schools that serve their students well, but are also undoubtedly well served by their students’ socioeconomic status, parental involvement, and prior school experiences,” noted The Daily Beast website.

Below is a description of how the numbers were crunched and weighted:

Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate (30 percent)

This rate, which was introduced by the National Governors Association (NGA) and required by the Department of Education, tracks the percentage of students who graduate in four years or less. Schools calculated this rate by dividing the total number of graduates in 2013 by the first-time ninth graders in 2009, plus transfers in, minus transfers out. This formula excludes students who take longer than four years to earn their diploma, and GEDs and other special diplomas.

College Acceptance Rate (30 percent)

Schools self-reported the number of students who were accepted to two- or four-year colleges immediately following graduation. The Daily Beast divided by total graduates to find the percentage of students who were college-bound.

Rigor/College Preparedness (30 percent)

Three equally weighed data points made up this category. First, The Daily Beast looked at the number of students enrolled in AP, IB, or AICE courses, turning that number into a school-wide enrollment rate. They then used test participation rates in those classes to determine the access to opportunity provided by each school as well as the percentage of satisfactory scores on those tests to measure how successful students were in their endeavors.

College-Entrance Exams (10 percent)

The Daily Beast took the average SAT or ACT scores, based on the primary testing method reported by each school. When students took both exams, The Daily Beast calculated scores for both test type and weighted them both five percent.

The Daily Beast standardized scores in each category then applied the weights indicated above to arrive at our final results.

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