LIVINGSTON, NJ – The library is offering a Learn4Life online learning subscription to up-to-date card-carrying Livingston members. There and over 100 free online classes available with a host of new six-week classes beginning on February 19 including Romance Writing, Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer and Start Your Own Edible Garden.

Each course listing includes Details, Syllabus, Instructor Bio, Requirements and Student Reviews. Most also have an option to View Demo (Lessons, Resources, Quizzes, Assignments, Discussion and Completion).

Romance Writing—Romance is the number one selling genre in mass-market fiction with readers clamoring for more. This course, for new or experienced writers, is geared to help broaden skills and help participants understand what makes a romance reader finish a book with that ‘Ahh’ of satisfaction.

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Students will start by learning about the genre of romance and exploring why they fell in love with their favorite romance novels. The course will then build on these insights. Participants will also explore how to craft three-dimensional characters that readers will love and how to weave a plot so their story grabs the reader's interest from page one. They will also gain valuable techniques—a ‘romance writer's toolbox’—to apply to their own manuscript.

In addition, participants will spend a few lessons looking at and practicing elements important for any writer to master: setting, pacing, point of view, dialogue, research, mood, and tone. They will also take on fun assignments that will help them hone their craft.

By the time they finish, students will be able to pick up a book and figure out what makes it a best seller, why it has been called a classic, and/or why it appealed to them as a reader. They will also have mastered tools and techniques so they can add those same elements to their own writing.

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Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer

The lure of travel is surpassed only by the inevitable desire to bring home pictures and share one’s adventures. With digital photography so readily available to consumers today, the field is full of new opportunities and new challenges.

This course will address the special needs and techniques digital photographers need to capture scenes from around the world and bring them home. It will focus on specific tips for digital photographers, and how to use both traditional techniques as well as those unique to digital equipment.

The class has a lot of tips and how-tos for travelers: photographing wildlife on land and at sea; tips on taking shots for professional use and those to treasure from a family vacation; and traveling with digital equipment

Students will learn more about what to take and what to leave behind as they venture into the wilderness, onto a cruise ship, up in a helicopter, or over an international border. They will see various examples from destinations around the world, and expand their knowledge of techniques for shooting digitally and working with the images after they get back.

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Start Your Own Edible Garden

In this class, students will learn how to grow delicious, nutritious fruit and vegetables in their own backyards! They will learn how to give their garden a healthy start and keep it growing strong all season.

Participants will also determine what type of garden is right for them. Not everyone has the same amount of time, space, or sunshine, so the first step to a great harvest is selecting the right crops. Students will explore climate considerations, learn how to read a zone hardiness map, and find out how to spot a micro-climate in their yard.

In addition, they will discover how to properly prepare a garden bed so their crops have the best opportunity to thrive. And, they will learn to understand fertilizers and how to make compost!

Students will also delve into the variety of crops they can select including: leafy greens, root vegetables, fruit, herbs, and more, with tips on starting seeds, transplanting, pruning, and using container gardens and support structures. They will learn what to watch out for so they can spot pests and diseases before they destroy their bounty and how to take the guesswork out of watering their garden.

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