The Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to spotlight its member, Linda Percoco, President of Max Title Agency, LLC. Thank you Max Title Agency for partnering with the LACC and being a part of Livingston’s thriving business community.

This virtual interview was conducted by in partnership with the Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce and answered by president Linda Percoco.

Max Title Agency, LLC, established in 2004, is located at 70 South Orange Avenue in Livingston. 

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Services include: Title Insurance and Settlement Services

Standout services include:Every closing is as important to us as it is to you.”

What makes Max Title special: “Having a good Title Company that cares as part of your professional team is important when you are making the most important purchase of your life.”

Q: Describe what your business does. Is it mainly business-to-business or business-to-consumer? 

A: We provide Title Insurance and Settlement Services to Attorney’s, Realtors, and the consumer.

Q: What is your job role for your business? 

A: As the owner and President my job is to make sure every client is provided with clear title and a smooth closing.

Q: Why did you decide to have a business or do business in Livingston?  

A: Livingston is a Mecca for professionals, attorneys and realtors and I wanted to be part of their team.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Livingston? 

A: I wanted to be near professionals that make things happen.

Q: What made you go into this profession?  

A: To me, searching title is like a great history lesson and I enjoy going to closings and watching the keys being handed over to a buyer.

Q: If you or your business was an animal which one would it be and why? 

A: A cat. A cat expects perfection from who he deals with, accepts nothing less. If you own a cat, you would understand.

Q: What is the most frequently asked question by potential customers or existing clients? 

A: What do you do?  I love that question, because I get an opportunity to explain how important Title is in the home-buying process.

Q: If your business had a theme song, what would it be?    

A: “Call Me”

Q: What are you most passionate about? 

A: Making sure my job is done right.

Q: In a few words describe your business plan. 

A: Get to work and make someone happy.

Q: What advice would you give to someone starting out in business?  

A: Don’t listen to anyone, just stay focused on what you want to happen.

Q: How did your business get started?  

A: I recognized a need for the title professional to be involved in the closing process and I had a wonderful Mentor.

Q: What are some services that your business offers that people may not be aware of? 

A: The closing process. In the past, the attorney took care of that part. Now the attorney can concentrate on contract review and inspection issues that are so important and the Title company can work with the bank to insure the closing process goes smoothly.

Q: What are some personal goals you have for your company? 

A: To be the premier title and settlement company that local professionals can depend on.

Q: What sets your company apart from others in your industry? 

A: As other Title Agents, we are independently owned and operated by people who care.

Q: Does your business have a symbol or logo?  What does it stand for?  

A: My logo includes my dog, Max. The most dependable, honest and loyal symbol.

Q: What one word best describes you? 

A: Loyal

Q: Who or What in your life had the most influence on you and why? 

A: My mentor who taught me not to listen to negativity, only concentrate on what’s important to me and make it happen. This is the reason I survived 2008 and many Title Agent’s did not.

Q: If you could plan how to spend your "ideal Sunday" how would you spend it? 

A: In NYC seeing a play, and dinner.