LIVINGSTON, NJ – At last week’s Township Council meeting, there was a spotlight on Township employees, in honor of Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW), which was celebrated this year during the week of May 3-9.

According to a township representative, streets are patrolled, water flows from the taps, fires are extinguished, roads are repaired, vaccines are administered, laws are enforced, licenses and permits are issued, care is given, budgets are balanced, leaves are collected, roads and drainage improvements are designed, safety inspections are performed, programs are held, sewage is treated, snow is plowed, and assistance is provided in countless ways by over 250 employees in the Township of Livingston every day.

This year, the township highlighted the staff of the Sewer Utility as an example of the valuable work of Livingston public employees. These 11 employees run and maintain all aspects of the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment, which is the Sewer Utility located on Dorsa Avenue.  This facility treats almost all sewage generated by township residents and businesses.

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They are also responsible for maintaining the 137 miles of pipe that comprise the sewage collection system, the 4,000 manholes used to gain access when pipes need repairs or maintenance, and the seven lift stations that help deliver millions of gallons of wastewater to the treatment plant every day.

Joe Greco is the Superintendent and along with John Kowalchuk, Jim Cooney, Mike Covello, Brian Hannigan, Regina Horton, Don Howard, Joe Hris, Joe Salvadore, Mike Sikora, and Joe Ward. They make sure that when toilets are flushed in town that everything is collected and treated in accordance with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection regulations.

“Sewage may be an uncomfortable topic for discussion, but it is a fact of life,” according to a town representative. “Thanks to the dedicated employees of our Sewer Utility, residents generally don’t have to think about what happens after they flush the toilet.”

When sewage enters the pipes, it travels to the Sewer Utility, where it is treated quickly and effectively. In fact, by the time it is treated and then discharged into the Passaic River, the water is cleaner than the water it joins there in the river, according to a town representative.

“If this system isn’t working, it’s an emergency for everyone in town,” said Township Manager Michele Meade. “The work that the employees of our Sewer Utility perform every day is vital to the health and safety of the community.”

She added, “They are just one example of the dozens of highly productive and competent work teams that provide services for the Township of Livingston. I am proud to be associated with them.”

Celebrated since 1985, Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) is a nationwide public education campaign honoring the men and women who serve the nation as federal, state, county and local government employees and insure that the government is the best it can be. Each year, the President and Congress designate the first full week of May as PSRW and activities are held nationwide and around the world in celebration of public employees who put service above self.

Livingston began its annual celebration of PSRW in 2009, in order to highlight the important work that the local public employees do for the citizens of the community every day.