LIVINGSTON, NJ — On behalf of all Livingston residents, the township council thanked the many members of the Department of Public Works (DPW), Livingston Police and Fire Departments and other township employees for their hard work and commitment to the safety of the residents during the last two winter storms.

“A lot of these folks and a lot of their employees did not go home for two or three days,” Mayor Ed Meinhardt said of the nor’easter during the week of March 7. “They slept here, they’d forego going home to their families—some of their families had no power—and they put the residents of Livingston first.”

During Monday's township council meeting, Meinhardt specifically acknowledged DPW Superintendent Mike Anello, Township Manager Barry Lewis and Deputy Township Manager Russ Jones, Livingston Fire Chief Chris Mullin and Deputy Chief Kevin Francione, Livingston Police Chief Craig Handschuch, Police Captain Gary Marshuetz and the members of each of their teams.

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“Fortunately, this week’s snowfall was less than we expected in Livingston, and as usual, our entire DPW staff did a remarkable job having our streets cleaned so everybody could get to their locations [Thursday] morning,” said Meinhardt. “In addition, throughout both storms, we were very fortunate to have Deputy Township Manager Russ Jones and our new Township Manager Barry Lewis very involved with the work and coordination of helping clean the streets and getting Livingston back up on its feet.”

Referencing other major storms like the Halloween snowstorm a few years ago and Hurricane Sandy, resident Bob Hunter also showed his support for the members of the DPW on Monday, commending them for their continued commitment to keeping the town safe. Hunter specifically applauded Anello for carefully assessing each street to ensure that it was safe to pass before allowing his team to clear it.

“It’s a lot to handle, and it’s almost like [Anello] thinks on his feet,” Hunter said. “He’s been with us since he was a young kid, so his life’s been this town and he knows every street and everybody in it. It’s just been beautiful what they did, and this one was particularly hard because of the electric wires that were pulled down by the trees.”

Meinhardt and the members of the township council invited all those involved to Monday’s council meeting to thank them for all they have done and will continue to do for the township.