LIVINGSTON, NJ — After receiving multiple emails from Livingston residents requesting that an ordinance be passed to limit the times during the day when people can operate leaf blowers, members of the township council discussed the proposal at a council meeting on Monday.

With the exception of certain months such as October and November, when there is a greater need for leaf blowers, the mayor and council debated whether there was a need to adopt an ordinance in order to reduce the noise pollution created by them during the other months.

“At this time, I am not really interested in pursuing this, as we already have a noise ordinance in town,” said councilman Rudy Fernandez, who reminded his fellow council members and members of the public about the existing general noise ordinance.

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Members of the public, however, reminded the council that there is no decibel level set in the ordinance, which only states what is considered excessive noise, they said. For this reason, the mayor and council said they would consider revising the noise ordinance to include a specific decibel level.

In other news, the council also discussed updates to the township’s TNR (trap, neuter and release) program—specifically the cost to the town to neuter each stray cat. Although this information has been requested, the council said it has not received any.

“We know what the fixed costs are—the trailer, the labor and the cost for the neutering—but I want to know how much it costs us per neutered cat,” said Mayor Shawn Klein.

In addition, the council announced that the township has approved the replacement of the stairs and railings at the Livingston Public Library due to their excessive wear and deterioration. Residents suggested that this could have been a result of over salting or using the wrong type of salt during the winter months.

In support of Type 1 Diabetes, the council also discussed the possibility of hosting a Color Run in town before the end of the summer. Although one of the organizers suggested holding it on Labor Day, the council was concerned that too many people would be attending barbecues and other events on that day.

The resident said she would be consider additional times and that she would also contact the board of education regarding use of the Oval as well as the police department regarding cost of police presence.

The final order of business on Monday was an ongoing discussion regarding the possible creation of a new sidewalk committee in town. Due to a lack of response and delays in request for action, council members suggested appointing a new president to the existing committee.