LIVINGSTON, NJ — An additional regular council meeting held on Monday for the purpose of considering a resolution regarding the search for a new township manager ended quickly when the Livingston Township Council tabled the discussion for a later date.

“We’re just tying up some timing issues that need to be wrapped up on both sides and as soon as we do that, we will be able to make an announcement over the next few weeks,” said Mayor Ed Meinhardt.

Barry Lewis, Jr., the current administrator for the Village of South Orange, will assume the role of Livingston Township Manager within the first quarter of the year.

His current roles as village administrator in South Orange include being responsible for the village's day-to-day operation and being responsible for the overall management of the city's employees and budget. According to the city’s website, he and the deputy village administrator collaborate daily to ensure the effective coordination and implementation of public policies, programs and initiatives.