LIVINGSTON, NJ - The Livingston Township Council kicked off its 13th conference meeting of the year by introducing the new library director, Amy Landry on Monday night.

"The board did an incredible job of going through the process of finding the right candidate," Mayor Michael Rieber said. "It was nice to see everyone working together on this."

Landry also showed her appreciation for the position and displayed her excitement for the job.

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"I'm just excited to get started because it's an amazing library already," Landry said. "My first step is to get to know the organization and get to know the people of Livingston so we can tailor our library services to their needs."

Chairman of the Vision 20/20 Committee Alan Karpas and fellow committee member Walter LeVine recommended the idea of creating an identity for Livingston as a way of branding the town.

The committee proposed that the Council look into hiring a marketing firm for an analysis of the town to gain a better understanding on what Livingston's identity is and how the town is perceived.

Karpas and LeVine presented their research that found that surrounding towns have also worked on developing an identity for their town which ultimately yielded positive results.

"It's a two-part process," LeVine said. "Number one, is identifying benefits and positives of what we have and also pointing out the negatives and giving recommendations on how to correct those deficiencies. And then, adopt it into possibly creating a logo or catchphrase that is promoted by the town."

LeVine continued, "What we have found through our research is that every community that has done this has seen positive benefits."

Beth Lippman, the executive director of the Livingston Business Improvement District, noted that she supports the idea of branding the town, but believes that to truly brand the town it is important to understand that it would require a great deal of money.

Lippman stressed that the town would need more than recommendations from an outside consultant and would need to have a "step two" set in place to carry out whatever recommendations were made.

The Council will meet next on August 18 for a conference and regular meeting.