LIVINGSTON, NJ — Although Livingston Public Schools were closed Monday and recycling collections were postponed in Livingston following the weekend’s storm, the Livingston Town Council expressed its gratitude to Department of Public Works (DPW) Superintendent Michael Anello and his crew at the council meeting Monday night for efficiently and impressively getting the roads cleared and safe for residents.

According to the Livingston Police Department, there were no outstanding incidents that occurred over the weekend, apart from a handful of disabled vehicles that were eventually freed from the snow and able to move on. Only four vehicles were left abandoned throughout the town that were impounded and towed away.

Summonses were issued to the four owners for abandonment, according to police, because the DPW could not plow the streets without removing these vehicles. The DPW, however, had all the residential areas plowed by 6:30 a.m. on Sunday.

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“Compliments to the DPW, Mike Anello and his group, for doing extraordinary work the last few days— I know they worked hard and they really did a nice job,” said Councilman Ed Meinhardt, although he was disappointed in the work done on the county roads in town, causing traffic on roads like S. Livingston and Beaufort Ave.

One resident, of 7 Wingate Dr., was of the opposite opinion, announcing that he had complained to the DPW about their inability to plow without leaving excess snow in residential driveways. Councilman Rudy Fernandez assured the public that there are more than 500 municipalities in New Jersey and none have ever discovered a way to avoid this situation.

“I’ve been driving back and forth to Elizabeth and the other towns have nothing on us,” said Deputy Mayor Shawn Klein, echoing Meinhardt’s compliments to the DPW.

In other news, the Livingston Fire Department responded to Cedar Commons, located at 156 E. Cedar Street, at 9 a.m. Sunday, where a water pipe burst in one of the buildings. A large water leak flooding the apartments caused the fire department to evacuate the individuals and transport them to Westminster Hotel in Livingston until repairs can be done.

No other incidents have been reported since the weekend's storm, which was one of the top five snowstorms in New Jersey history.