LIVINGSTON, NJ - The Fire Department’s Annual Open House was held on Sunday to teach both children and adults fire safety.

Fire Chief Christopher Mullin’s wife, Nancy and the Fire Department’s Secretary, Rossana Mattia, told The Alternative Press they came to support the event because it’s a “great cause.”

“People don’t normally get to see the demonstrations and tours that they get to at the open house,” Mattia said.

Mullin said that the open house is also great for children to experience.

“It’s so exciting to see and understand what firefighters do on a day to day basis,” Mullin said.

Mattia added “I absolutely think this day teaches kids so much. They learn things such as Stop-Drop-Roll and they learn that firemen are here to help them.”

Livingston residents, Josh and Shira brought their children, Jordyn and Maya to the fire house to view the different demonstrations.

“It’s not every day you get to see these hands on demonstrations,” Josh said.

The couple’s daughter, Maya, explained that she learned to check their fire detectors every month on the date of her birthday and to stay calm if a fire arises.

Josh said that “walking on the fire truck and taking a tour of the station were the girls’ favorite things of the day.”

Other fire safety information included a Stop-Drop-Roll demonstration that allowed children to try on and hold real firefighting gear, a Fire Safety Trailer sponsored by Saint Barnabas to educate attendees on fire dangers found throughout a typical house and a lecture on the importance of Carbon Monoxide detectors.

Informational handouts, plastic fire helmets and plastic fire badges were distributed to children and adults to condone fire safety.

The cost of attendance was free and donations were accepted which will go to Saint Barnabas Burn Foundation.