LIVINGSTON, NJ - Livingston High School’s student-run theater community Inner Circle presented its annual fall cabaret this past Friday. LHS seniors Corinne Ferman and Kerry Zak, under advisor Jaimee Mirsky, directed the cabaret, which featured about a dozen musical performances of show tunes, original songs and medleys.

The event served as a night of free public entertainment and as a way to raise money via donations for the Inner Circle’s spring student-run production.

The night began with a rendition of “Not A Day Goes By,” from Merrily We Roll Along, by recently featured stage manager Jordan Wagner (11th grade). He delivered with striking vibrato and warmth.

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The performance of “The Four Chords Song,” by seniors Josh Young, Austin Biss, and Brandon Binsol, was definitely a crowd favorite, with the boys performing a medley of dozens of songs all adhering to the same four-chord progression. Binsol and Young hit impressive high notes, while Biss’ bass was resonant and helped provide intriguing contrast.

Senior Peri Margolies and sophomore Bailey Grey shared original songs with the audience and both self-accompanied on the guitar. Both girls entranced the crowd with breezy melodies and beautiful lyrics that were familiar, yet intriguing.

Co-director Corinne Ferman dazzled with “How ‘Bout a Dance?” from Bonnie and Clyde, and performed in a way that immediately brought the listeners back to the 1920’s. Ferman took the listeners even further back to classic fairytales with her haunting rendition of “No One Is Alone” from Sondheim’s classic, Into the Woods.

In addition to songs, student emcees Hillary Borker (senior), Sam Thor (senior), Emma Giulanti (junior) and Christina Cuppari (junior) presented clever transitions before each performance. The group dynamic and comedic writing of all of the emcees was spot on, with Borker playing a grandma terrified by chickens and Thor playing a fraudulent teen heartthrob.

There was also a snack booth at the event that was run by Ferman’s mother Melanie, and sister/previous director Scarlett.

“We were immensely proud of everyone involved, and it's always so incredible to recognize the talent of the LHS theater community,” Ferman said, beaming at the success of the performers.

“The cabaret is always my favorite performance of the year because it showcases everyone's unique talents in an intimate setting--this year's group was absolutely phenomenal and we are so privileged to be able to work with them all,” Zak raved.

Senior Ethan Dunne, the evening’s accompanist, masterfully played 10 of the night’s 12 musical numbers. Ferman and Zak expressed their incredible gratitude toward Dunne at the end of the night, explaining that he had worked tirelessly the past two weeks for this event.

Additional performers included Jared Kirsch (sophomore), Lauren Critelli (junior), Abi Simko (senior), Priyanka Nachane (junior), Rachael Richard (senior), Jess Silverman (senior), and Molly Greenstone (junior).

All performances were top notch and well rehearsed, setting the bar high for the Inner Circle’s spring show. The night was a stellar opening for the 2014-2015 LHS theater season and an indicator for greater things to come.

Jess Silverman is a student at Livingston High School participating in a journalism program with TAP into Livingston.