LIVINGSTON, NJ — Livingston High School’s newest music video carries a message of encouragement for teens to break out of their comfort zones, break down barriers and unite in their communities.

The 13-minute video, entitled the “Livingstrong Music Video,” currently has more than 6,100 views on YouTube and several positive comments about the high quality of the video and the message it conveys.

One comment even said that the “Livingstrong” video is “vastly superior” to last year’s school-wide LipDub, which has 102,570 views on YouTube and can be seen HERE.

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“Everybody wants to fit in, but not everyone knows where they belong” is among the taglines of the Livingstrong video created by seniors Abby Hauptman, Alexa Daily and Jenna Weiss, who graduated on Friday. According to the creators, the goal was to not only spread the video and its message, but to start a movement that challenges others to create a video of their own.

“The Livingstrong challenge offers a chance to capture diversity, unity and inclusion in any school, workforce or community,” they said.

The music video revolves around a student (played by Amanda Stephenson) who cannot seem to find her place in school. In her search to fit in, she embarks on a self-driven mission to give others the push they need to find their place and passions.

“The video was made entirely by students and we are so happy to see it come to life after five hard-working months,” the producers said. “It took an incredible amount of commitment, dedication and long hours to make this concept come to life and we would love for our video and message to be seen and heard."

The video can be found on YouTube by searching for Livingstrong Music Video or by clicking HERE.

The movement can be joined by using the hashtag #livingstrongchallenge.