Livingston, NJ - Friday’s rain may have delayed Livingston’s “Love In,” and caused The Little People’s Concert and other planned activities to be cancelled, but it did not ruin the event.  Instead of beginning at 4 pm, on two different stages, as originally planned, the Love In, a highlight of Livingston’s Youth Appreciation Week festivities, started after 6 pm, and was moved to the inside venue of Menzel Violins at the Livingston Town Center.

According to Martha Ackerman, President of HCHY, The Love In, which was started four years ago by Mo Menzel of Menzel Violins, is an offshoot of an original Youth Appreciation Week event, called Lances Lounge. Ackerman said that each year The Love In is created by the students of LHS and musicians and is an opportunity for performers to showcase their work and for residents to experience all types of music.

Livingston’s 2013 Civic Leader of the Year, Alan Karpas, who runs Youth Appreciation Week, spoke fondly of Menzel, who chairs the event and organizes the bands, by explaining that Menzel coined the term “Love In” because she felt people needed to “show some love in Livingston.”

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“It stuck and is what all of the kids know it as today,” added Karpas.

Fans and band members like Max Manziyenko and Evan Tsioni of the progressive rock band, All Real Numbers, and Jeffrey of the acoustic band Noot, waited patiently while braving the rain, from 3 pm on for the Love In to start.

“I have wanted to do this for a long time,” said Tsioni.

“This is an event that I look forward to each year,” said Manziyenko. “I like that people can appreciate the local music scene here.”

Jeremy Wexler, Kenneth Trotter, Gian Minucci and Eli Wolf, of the folk band Elijah, warmed up for the show by jamming inside.

“We have very close ties to Livingston and always love playing here, said Trotter.

“We want to inspire the youth,” stated Minucci, who explained that the group, which has been playing together for a year, originally met at Purchase College.

As many of the fans sat together waiting for the sun to come out, Livingston resident, Seyeda Rehman drew a henna “hand of god” tattoo on LHS student Annabelle Hanfilig’s back.

Alana Wickner, who was planning to take pictures for Menzel and Abby Rothman, of Maplewood, said they hoped the music would begin soon.

LHS students Magz Lemon and Mel Comesanas, who were dressed alike in white, with shirts that read “Lux Luv,” wondered if they would still be hosting the event.

Outside, vendors like Activate Water, and Livingston’s new pretzel store, Philly Pretzel Factory offered their wares to attendees.

Finally, after waiting for hours to see if the event would definitely still occur, some of the bands from the original line up of 20, which included: NAPU, Shattered in October, Alpha Time, Elijah and the Moon, Noot, What’s Fluffy, RX Vibe, Two Step with Marlon Brando, River Eater, Brick+Mortar, Mr. Ray, Between Words, Scream of the Butterfly, Tal Finberg, The MCM, Dizasterpiece, Robin Shafto, All The Above, All Real Numbers, and Thank You Scientist, jammed for all to enjoy and the 4th Annual Love In made some “loving history.”