LIVINGSTON, NJ - In a late thriller game of football between Livingston and East Orange, East Orange was able to come out on top through their big plays on the offensive side of the field giving them 35 points in their victory over Livingston with the final score being 35-27.

Even with the loss, Livingston had firepower both through the running game, and passing. Mike Gibbon, quarterback, had many big passes under pressure including a 25 yard pass to Mark Silvestri, and a big pass to Aiden Kelly in the second quarter which later led to a 19 yard touchdown run from Derrick Hoskins. But the defense of East Orange was too strong leading Livingston to multiple short 3 and out drives which gave East Orange more time with the ball and less time for Livingston to make up their deficit.

The first half started off slow for Livingston only coming out with 10 points from a field goal from Mark Silvestri, and the touchdown run by Hoskins. East Orange on the other hand came out strong scoring three touchdowns on long lasting drives.

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The second half of the game consisted of lots of scoring with both teams. After just 4 minutes of play in the second half East Orange was able to put up more points on the board by scoring another touchdown making the game 10-28, a  big margin for Livingston to try to make up.

Still Livingston fought scoring on their next drive from a pass by Matt Gibbon for 25 yards to Mark Silvestri. The middle of the third quarter showed the strength of Livingston’s defense who forced two fumbles from East Orange in the same drive, and recovering the second of the two. But on the next play for Livingston Matt Gibbon through his only interception of the game for a pick six.

Livingston did not let the 18 point deficit put them down as the defense played harder and forced a safety making the score 19-35. Sophomore Michael Batista stated about the teams play in the fourth quarter, “It was tough only losing by one touchdown, but I think we tried our hardest at the end of the game, but we will have to pick it up for the coming weeks of games ahead of us.”

Livingston was able to score one more touchdown and make a 2 point conversion to give them 27 points but East Orange was able to run down the last 2 minutes of the clock to end the game.

Assistant Coach Breschard, told me when I asked him about what the team needs to work on, “It was tough losing as they played hard, but you can never judge by a play here and there, and there is never one thing that you can say you can improve on. We have to go back and look at the film and see what we can do from there and hope we can get back on a winning streak on Monday.”

With a record of 2-2 Livingston looks to get a third victory over James Caldwell on Monday Oct. 10 at home to make their record, a winning record.