LIVINGSTON, NJ- Livingston Municipal Alliance Committee (LMAC) strongly encourages residents to take part on September 24 which marks the annual National Eat Together Day.

According to the LMAC blog, National Eat Together Day promotes parents to eat dinner with their children.

The blog stated that eating together provides an opportunity for open communication between parents and children.

On September 24, it is suggested that parents “talk to their kids about drugs, alcohol and concerns with substance abuse,” the committee explained.

Aside from participating in family dinners, LMAC is also encouraging parents to take the “STAR” pledge.

According to the STAR website, the pledge allows parents around the country to unite who agree the difference a dinner table conversation makes in children’s lives.

The pledge asks those to “spend time with my kids by having dinner together, talk to them about their friends, interests and the dangers of drugs and alcohol, answer their questions and listen to what they say, and recognize that I have the power to help keep my kids substance free.”

For additional information, LMAC suggests parents use the parent toolkit available on http:// which provides recipes, conversation starters, facts, and family fun ideas.

To take the STAR pledge, visit