LIVINGSTON, NJ — Kevin Murray, hailing from Orange, has three charges of shoplifting general merchandise against him according to the Livingston Municipal Court. On Feb. 23, Murray was charged with a fine of $370, $180 on Feb. 28 and $80 on March 1. The latter two dates were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

Murray pled guilty to the one charge of shoplifting from Feb 23 and received a jail term of 100 days with 20 days’ credit for time served, a fine of $500, $33 in court fees, $50 to the Victims of Crime Compensation Organization (VCCO) and $75 to the Safe Neighborhood Fund.

In other news, Laura Helfrecht of Livingston was charged with a property maintenance offense for storing a trailer in her driveway. She pled guilty to the charges written and received a $75 fine and $33 in court costs.

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Saul Escalanet, also from Livingston, was charged with a similar property maintenance offense for storing a boat and trailers. Escalanet pled guilty to the charges written as well and received a $100 and $33 in court costs.

Kelly Gregory of Montclair was charged with writing a bad check to Shop Rite in the amount of $105.70. Gregory pled guilty to an amended charge of creating disturbance. She was fined with $100 and $33 in court costs.