LIVINGSTON, NJ - Livingston Pharmacy has become one of the first pharmacies in New Jersey to carry CBD, a 100 percent legal and not addictive or psychoactive product.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has worked its way into health food stores, gyms, and now, independent pharmacies throughout the country. Livingston Pharmacy is carrying one of the most highly regulated and potent products on the market. Shipped directly from a farm in Kentucky, the product is kept behind the pharmacy counter, but can be sold without a prescription. 

"Ever since CBD oil became legal, we have received tons of questions and requests for it," said Becky Ruditser, owner and pharmacist in charge at Livingston Pharmacy. "We never felt comfortable with such products until this farm approached us. We have had wonderful results and are hopeful and eager for continued success with it."

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CBD Oil has been shown to have positive effects on pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, GI upset and much more. The pharmacists at Livingston Pharmacy have studied and trained on the topic, giving them the ability to answer many questions and concerns regarding the product. 

"We've seen strong growth with the CBD Oil and have had lots of positive feedback," Ruditser said. "It's a great alternative to pain medication and an added benefit to many different disease states. We're very excited about it!".