LIVINGSTON, NJ — The Township of Livingston, which has undergone change and growth throughout its existence, has had successive Master Plans that formed the framework within which the change and growth has taken place since 1946.

On March 21, the Planning Board will hold an Open Public Forum to hear recommendations as to the planning goals and objectives that should apply to the town over the next ten years and beyond.

The current Master Plan was adopted in 2007. State law requires that the Planning Board complete a review, and any necessary update, of that plan this year. In doing so, the township invites and appreciates the views of Livingston residents and business owners.

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Questions include: what improvements are necessary or desirable in the housing, community facilities, retail shopping, service businesses, offices, industry, transportation, recreation, environmental protection, traffic, parking or other physical aspects of the community?

Residents are encouraged to share their thoughts with the township at the Planning Board Master Plan Public Forum on Tuesday, March 21 at 8:00 p.m. at the Municipal and Police Building, 357 S. Livingston Avenue.

Those who cannot attend but have recommendations they wish to submit in advance of the forum are welcome to do so by letter sent to the Planning Board at that address.