LIVINGSTON, NJ - During Monday night’s town council meeting, Livingston Police Officers expressed their concerns over the current bus stops on West Mt. Pleasant Avenue and suggested alternatives.

Police Chief Craig Handschuch and Traffic Officer Joe Wnek discussed with council members that the bus stop for the 77 bus should be moved 50 feet, which would stop directly in front of Toys R’ Us.

“We haven’t had any crashes in front of Toys R’ Us that have gone off the road, Wnek said, explaining that this location provides amble shoulder room for bus users to walk to and enough room for the bus to make a turn.

“I want to try and avoid as many pedestrian crashes as possible, especially in that particular area, which is why we feel this is the best location,” Wnek said.

If the proposal passes during the Feb. 24 meeting, an enclosed bus waiting area will also be built in the suggested area.

In other business, Township Manager Michele Meade presented council members with a suggested ordinance and fees for false burglar and fire alarms.

“As of 2012, 4,000 houses in Livingston have alarms and just in that year alone, there were 3,500 false alarms, and only one was an actual fire and one was an actual burglary,” Handschuch said.

In order to eliminate the amount of false alarms, the ordinance states that for 1-2 false alarms per household, there will be no fee, for the third alarm, a $50 fee, for 4-6 false alarms, a $75 fee and for more than 7 false alarms, a $100 fee. An annual alarm registration fee of $50 is also being suggested.

“Imposing fines will be enough incentive to reduce false alarms,” Mayor Rudy Fernandez said.

The ordinance will be voted on during the Feb. 25 meeting.