LIVINGSTON, NJ — Habitat for Humanity, a not-for-profit organization that provides housing rehabilitation and affordable housing within Essex County, was presented with a $200,000 check for the purpose of building affordable housing on Grand Terrace and Burnet Street during Monday’s meeting of the Livingston mayor and council.

“Livingston has a very serious responsibility to make sure that we have affordable housing here and the we have always tried to keep up with that obligation,” said Livingston Mayor Shawn Klein. “When the time comes for construction, the whole town is going to be chipping in and helping to build these houses for some new neighbors of ours.”

Klein also reiterated that although this is a worthy cause, the money comes from a designated fund created for this purpose and not from taxpayer dollars.

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The mayor and council passed an ordinance in March that authorized the sale of the two township-owned properties to Habitat for Humanity. At the time, Township Engineer Jeanette Harduby and Department of Public Works Superintendent Mike Anello worked to assuage any concerns from residents of the two designated areas.

Shawn Klein asserted his belief at the time that this was the best use of the property and that “bringing an organization like Habitat for Humanity into this town and having all of the groups pitch in to help build these houses are going to make that neighborhood a better place.”

To learn more about the ordinance that began this process, click HERE.